Joe St.Pierre Photography

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nancycatmewmew said: I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your blog but I'm so glad I did. You're such an amazing photographer and I love your work! :3

Wow thank you so much for checking it out! :)


Anonymous said: Your digitally shots are edited to portra rolls in vsco?

Almost always yes


Anonymous said: did you use aperture mode for most of your portrait pictures or just simple manual focusing?

I use manual mode and auto focus!

Love interacting with you all. Let’s talk photo!Facebook Page

Anonymous said: Do you tend to reduce your highlights in Lightroom? Or do you bump it up? My screen isn't calibrated, so I usually lower my highlights too much :(

I actually never touch my highlights. My mac isn’t calibrated either ( that I know of ). Just edit to your taste and know that barely anybody’s computer is calibrated hahah.


Anonymous said: Which is better? Dslr or mirrorless camera? Pros and cons for both camera? And could you post more video on your youtube channel because i want to learn to how to shoot pics like you do... Thank you!

If you google DSLR vs mirrorless camera you will find heaps of information. I’m not very tecky when it comes to cameras so I’m not sure of all the pros and cons although I know that with DSLR’s you have much more lens selection as well as they perform better in different situations. Just read up in them!

As for YouTube I kinda squashed that idea to focus more on other aspects of my career. Thank you for the interest though!


trendbastards said: i love your photos!!!

Thank you so much!


Anonymous said: what plataform you use for your site?

virb is the best! I used format for awhile but its too pricey. You can get a year free with verb too if your a student!


Anonymous said: Do you under or over expose usually?

With digital it doesn’t matter. To be honest I always just expose to my taste in that particular situation.


Anonymous said: What is your favorite b&w VSCO preset? How do you decide when to make a photo b&w off the bat? Curious as well as to your source of inspiration within your day to day life.. love your photographs and have been following you on here for awhile. Thanks (=

Hey! I would have to say as of recently my favorite b&w preset is Fuji Neopan 1600++ (pack 02) or Kodak TRI-X 400++ (pack 01). Both those presets give me the desired tones and contrast I look for in a b&W image. As for how I decide it really depends on the subject and light. If something has really hard light or strong shadows usually black and white fits well. Or sometimes I have a shoot idea and b&w just fits my vision. Other than that I will usually just throw a b&W preset on any given image to see if it works or not. 

When it comes to inspiration I source a lot of it from the internet and specifically certain photographers I have admired for quite some time. Other than that just getting out as much as possible and always having a camera on me to capture anything and everything. I try to shoot a lot (even if I don’t post it) which inspires me in general.

Thanks for the great question! 

Lounging with @maureenspillane  (at Capron Park Zoo)